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Property Management Fees

Initial Property Management Costs

There is an initial charge of $50 per property, this includes an initial assessment of rent, property photos and inspection reports, advertising script and imputing, Advertising charges are to be paid by the owner at cost.

There is no charge to advertise on our Wolfbrook Property Management website.

Rental Assessment Fees

The rental assessment is included in the above charges when the property is managed by us. If following the rental assessment both parties do not agree on the rent or actions required in preparation of letting the property and the management does not take place, the cost of a one off rental assessment and any sundry costs incurred to date will be payable by the owner.

Property Inspections Costs

Inspections are required to help ensure the property is being looked after by the tenants and maintenance is being dealt with in a timely manner. Many insurance companies also require a certain number of inspections to be undertaken during the tenancy and may request copies of inspections when assessing an insurance claim. Our inspections include colour photos and plenty of detail. Inspections are charged out at $40 + GST per inspection. We recommend 13 weekly inspections.

Additional Costs

Where a dispute results in mediation or Tribunal, such costs charged to us including "Application for order of the Tenancy tribunal", "Order of examination" will be charged at $150 +GST. However we will take all reasonable steps to avoid such circumstances and where such a situation arises we will communicate fully with you. We do not charge for our time in attending mediation or Tribunal in Christchurch providing the problem did not exist at the beginning of the contract.

Monthly statements and year end statements are free. Involvement and/or preparation of insurance claims incur a cost of $50 +GST to go towards the additional time spent.

Letting Fee

A letting fee of One week’s rent +GST is payable by the owner for completing a letting of a property