Changing property managers

The right property manager makes all the difference

The right property manager makes all the difference

Your property is a huge investment that will likely be with you for quite some time. It’s simply good business to shop around until you find a property manager that will give it—and you—the care and attention deserved.

At Wolfbrook Property Management we’re property owners and investors ourselves. We understand through experience what it takes to be a good property manager, and the value the right team can bring to the table.

Wondering if your property manager could be doing a better job?

If you’ve been with your property manager for a while, you might be starting to feel like you and your asset have been put on the back burner. People often come to us when things aren’t going well, but they’re not sure if they should change. If you’re experiencing any of the following, we believe you have every right to question the service you’re receiving.

Missing rent reviews

If your rent isn’t being reviewed every 12 months, it’s likely you’re missing out on potential returns.

High rent arrears

If missed rent payments have become a regular occurrence, a new property manager can take control and get things back on track.

High vacancy

Vacancy costs you money. If your property manager is setting rents too high or not marketing your property well, it’s time to think about changing.

Poor tenant selection

High quality tenants are fundamental to the success of your investment. If your tenants aren’t cutting the mustard, your property manager may be part of the problem.

Missed or poor inspections

Without inspections landlords have very little to fall back on should issues arise. If you’re not getting comprehensive inspections with photographs every 3 months, you could be at risk.

Hard to contact

A good property manager is readily available for both you and your tenants, able to handle those inevitable after-hours emergencies and deal with issues as they arise.

High fees

If you’re getting stung by unexpected charges or feel you’re not getting your money’s worth from your property manager, it’s time to shop around.

How to choose a new property manager

Should you decide it’s time for a change, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to be in better hands. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a new property manager. 

What is their tenant selection process?

Before a tenant commits to living in your property for 12 months you need to be confident that the property manager has undergone a thorough selection process. At a minimum this should involve widely advertising the property, conducting showings where they meet candidates in person, reference checks and a credit check.

Have they been to the Tenancy Tribunal and what was the outcome?

A trip to the Tenancy Tribunal is not a bad thing but you would want to check that the property manager wasn’t the cause of the complaint and that the issue was resolved in favour of the property manager.

Can they provide landlord reference?

Any experienced property manager who has built good relationships with the landlords they act on behalf of should be able to provide you a reference backing up their claims.

How many properties do they manage and experience levels?

There is no substitute for experience in property management so it pays to ask not only for the total number of years but also some of the significant situations they have dealt with. It also pays to ask how many properties they are looking after so you have an understanding of whether you think they have enough time and effort to dedicate to your property.

Are they owners/landlords themselves?

Property managers who also own and invest in property themselves have an intuitive understanding of the needs of other landlords. At Wolfbrook Property Management we own a large amount of the homes that we rent out. By partnering with us we will provide your property with the same level and care as we would if we were the owners.

Are they flexible to suit your needs?

A good property manager will be able to work in the way that suits you best. A good example of this is around maintenance issues. Some property owners are happy to let the property manager take care of all work under an agreed dollar amount while others would like to approve any costs before work is carried out. It pays to set out all your expectations at the start and agree on a management style that works for everyone before changing property managers.

Changing property managers has never been easier

If you decide to change to Wolfbrook Property Management, we make the process as easy as possible for you.

All you need to do is let us know how much notice you need to give your current provider and obtain a signed termination of current property manager authority form.

Then simply send our details to your current provider and we will do the rest.

When taking over from your previous property manager, we will:

Why join Wolfbrook property management

100% money back guarantee in the first 30 days

We’ll contact your old manager and handle transfer

We’re landlords and property owners ourselves