Our Fees

One of our values as a business is to always be fair and transparent with our fees. We streamline our costs, and let you know exactly what you’ll be charged and when, so you can plan your investment budget with confidence.

Initial property management costs

We charge an initial fee of $80 per property when you come onboard with us. This fee covers our initial rent assessment, property photos, inspection report and an advertising script. You won’t be charged to advertise on the Wolfbrook Property Management website or trademe, but all other advertising fees will need to be paid by you at cost.

$80 per property

If, following our initial rental assessment, you choose not to have us as your property managers, we will charge you for a one-off rental assessment and any other costs incurred.

Other costs

Should a dispute result in mediation or Tribunal, we will charge you $150 + GST to cover our administrative costs. We take all reasonable steps to avoid such circumstances and communicate fully with you should such a situation arise. We don’t charge for our time to attend mediation or Tribunal, providing the problem did not exist at the beginning of the contract.

Involvement in and/or preparation of insurance claims incur a cost of $50 + GST to go towards the additional time spent.

We provide you with all your monthly and year-end statements free of charge.

Background/credit check fee

A background/Credit check is $30.00 + GST per applicant and is only charged on the successful application.

Letting fee

Each time your property is successfully tenanted, we charge you a one-off letting fee of one week’s rent + GST.

Property inspection fees

To make sure your property is being well looked after we undertake inspections every three months (13 weeks). Inspections give us the opportunity to discover and address any maintenance issues, and ensure your insurance company has the documentation they may require.

Our inspections include full colour photos and plenty of detail, so you can have a clear understanding of what’s happening with your property.

$45 per inspection

Management fees

8% + GST

Enjoy absolute peace of mind and get the most out of your investment with Wolfbrook property management.

or phone on 0800 90 90 30 and we can take it from there.