Thanks for being a tenant at one our our properties

If you’re looking to vacate your property, the first thing is to check how many days’ notice you’re required to give. Your Tenancy Agreement will say whether you’re on a periodic or fixed term tenancy, how much notice is required. If you’re unsure, call your property manager and they’ll let you know.

Next, must provide us with a written notice, either by letter or email. This notice becomes effective from the date it is received (NOT the date you send it), so please confirm with your property manager that they have received it.

Once it’s all approved and in motion, it’s time to pack up your stuff and give the house and grounds a thorough clean.

To help you get underway, we’ve provided a handy checklist below that you can print out and tick off as you complete each item.

Once again, if you have any questions, please reach out to your property manager.

Thanks for being with Wolfbrook Property Management and we wish you the best of luck with your next home!

Vacating Checklist

Please go through this checklist carefully as you vacate the property. You can download a printer friendly version here. Please note that this is a guide only and any other cleaning must also be completed as required.

Things To Do:

You will be charged for each key not returned.

Cleaning inside the property

Cleaning outside the property

This is to be used as a guide only.
All other cleaning must be completed as required.

Top 5 Tips for Hassle Free Vacating

Vacate notices

must be in writing, either by letter or email. Please confirm with your property manager it has been received.

Confirm how many days notice

you need to give before making arrangements. If you signed on a fixed term tenancy, when does it expire? Ask us if any doubt.

Per the Residential Tenancies Act (law)

vacating notices received outside of standard business hours are interpreted as officially served on the next business day.

Attach any questions

or extra information you feel would be beneficial.

Follow the checklist

we will provide upon receipt of your notice. Ensure all of your items are removed and all rubbish has been taken away from the property. If in doubt, ask us before the tenancy ends as it may save a trip back to the property.